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Standalone & Network Technical Support

Regardless of whether you have a standalone PC and printer or a full server-based network (licluding WANs), we offer full technical support in a way and at a time that suits you.

Computer Systems Security

When it comes to security, we have you covered with the very best in antivirus software, anti-malware solutions and firewalls from key manufacturers including TP-Link, Cisco and Netgear.

Network Installation & Support

Networks provide the backbone to many of our office computer systems and they can often be quite complex in design and setup. We design, install, maintain and manage networks so you can concentrate on your business.

Data Recovery

Devices can fail and data can go missing. When that happens, we’re here and in most cases, we can recover your data from failing hard drives, devices and memory cards.

Computer Systems & Servers

We design, build, configure, setup and install servers, computer systems and networks (including ancillary hardware and software) from key manufacturers including Lenovo, Dell and others..

Hardware Maintenance

Sometimes electronic devices fail and need to be replaced or upgraded. Providing full repair and maintenance servics is a fundamental part of what we do, to ensure that your computer system is functioning properly.

Web Hosting

We provide full Linux and Windows based webhosting solutions with a range of options that you just wouldn’t believe. Impressive 99.9% uptime with one-click application installation, spam filtering as standard, backup facilities and a fully functional control panel.

Hardware Maintenance

Upgrades, repairs, replacements and reconfiguration.

Standalone Systems and Networks

We cover standalone computer systems and notebooks as well as more complex LANs and WANs.

Consultancy and Decision Support

Information Technology Consultancy, decision support and forward planning to help you get those key decisions right, first time around.

Sales, Services, Tech Support and Maintenance

Complets sales, services, tech support and maintenance on computer systems and peripherals from key manufacturers.

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling (including CAT5 and CAT6) installations, upgrades and maintenance together with supply and installation of Data Cabinets and ancillary equipment that integrates perfectly with your office.

Cloud Systems and Integration

Cloud consultancy, setup and integration.

Cloud Backup Solutions

We have you covered with cloud backup solutions to make sure that your data is constantly backed up and safe. Full featured with file revisions and simplified restore.

Need a Computer Specialist?

Girl ComputerComputers are to be found almost everywhere these days and we depend on them for absolutely everything. As a result, it can be impossible to do without them when they decide to have a bad day and particularly so when they are needed for accounts or payroll so it’s really important to get things up and running again as quickly as possible and with a minimum of fuss.

So what do you do when your computer decides to have a bad day? Where do you go when you need to expand, upgrade or add to your existing computer system? You need somebody who is knowledgeable, experienced, professional and can get things moving, both quickly and effectively. You need technical support you can depend on.

You’re in the right place!


Supporting businesses with their computer systems is precisely what we have been doing since 1998. Based near Wexford in the South-East corner of Ireland, we supply and maintain computer systems for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Co. Wexford and the surrounding counties.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a computer that won’t turn on, a virus or malware problem, parts or an upgrade, one computer or multiple computers or a completely new computer system or printer. We guarantee a knowledgeable, experienced and most of all, professional service with a personal touch.


Supplying computer hardware, software, printers, peripherals and complete systems


If you need computer related services or assistance, click here to find out how we can help


When things stop working and you need a technical helping hand to get going again


Parts can fail and sometimes repairs are the best way to get up and running again


Girl with computerWe also supply and maintain larger and more complex computer systems and specialise in Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) systems as well as providing a comprehensive range of ancillary computer services. Over the years, we have been officially authorized by many mainstream manufacturers including IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, TP-Link and others, which allows us to provide you with the very best service and products at all times and at this stage, we have experience of most business sectors.


Our aim has always been to provide you with computer systems of unparalleled reliability that both you and your business can depend on and this is something that we continue to do on a daily basis. Services are available at times and in a way that suits you, regardless of whether it’s onsite, offsite or remotely. You are always guaranteed a wealth of experience and knowledge, proficiency and professionalism and best of all, this is all just a phone call or email away.




A wealth of experience working in just about every business sector. There's very little we haven't met at this stage.



Qualified and Microsoft Certified to guarantee you unsurpassed expertise and technical proficiency at all times.



A friendly, personal and knowledgeable professional service that you can depend on, both onsite and offsite.


Some of the key manufacturers that we have developed strategic relationships with and are authorised to work with
as a Business Partner or Value Added Reseller to deliver hardware and software solutions.

Strategic Partner Logos

Detailed Product Knowledge

Authorised Business partners are generally required to complete ongoing product training with manufacturers as well as very often having access to Product Specialists. This guarantees you detailed product knowledge and practical solutions.

First Class Technical Support

Manufacturers generally provide additional technical support channels and resources to Authorised Business Partners which means that you get answers and solutions quickly when problems arise.

Manufacturer Involvement

Manufacturers will often work in conjunction with Authorised Business Partners and Value Added Resellers for complex configurations. This may be at the system design stage, during the implementation or for upgrades and updates.


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